Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Good luck to all JBAS applicants!

Well, it's 2013's hiring season for the James Bay Ambulance Service (JBAS), most of you (maybe all of you?) will be done your testing by now. For those of your who made it through, I can't wait to meet you all and get to know you over the next couple of months. If you need anyone to show you around, or just a friendly face in this cold northern town, just drop me a line and we'll get together. 
If you didn't make it through this time take heart. There's always next time, and maybe now you've got a better idea of the things you need to brush up on. You'll get there one of these days. Whether it's here or another service, you'll make it through. 


Anonymous said...

Hi, I love learning all about your life there. My son applied for the job and wants to go there so much, it is his passion. After reading all about your life there I understand why he wants to go. His name is skyler and I hope he makes it. Sharon

Sam Sheehan said...

Hi Sharon, nice to hear from ya! Fingers crossed for your son :)