Sunday, September 8, 2013


So one of the days last week that I was at work and my wonderful hubby had some time on his hands, he built me these!!
It's not going to be a whole terrible lot of space, but each box is 3x6, and that adds up to a lot more garden than I had last year! As of today, both beds are covered in a thick mulch of dead grass I spent the last couple weeks raking up out of the lawn. I'll add any fall leaves that accumulate over the next month or so, and then staple some burlap over the frames to hold it all in place and keep it from blowing away. Then come spring, it should be broken down enough to turn into the earth and make for good planting, and help add some air space into our densely packed, clay-ish soil. This is the plan anyways, we shall see. 
Coming up soon- compost bin. We figured the best we could do is just go ahead and try it. If the bears bother it and it becomes a liability, well then so be it, but in the mean time we're gonna give it a go.