Monday, July 29, 2013


Is how I'm feeling lately! Never underestimate the toll that first trimester takes on a woman. Babysitting the three kids, while it's been a blast, and kept me busy, and given me spending money, and all the lovely reasons I do it, is absolutely exhausting. Poor Andrew, by the time I come home at night I'm seldom in any shape or mood to make dinner. I watch a bit of tv, and am often in bed by 9:30 or 10:00. A few nights we've played a few rounds of phase 10 or some other game, but more often than not, we don't do much of anything. Twin 7 year olds are plenty to contend with on their own (and attached at the hip... if I put one in timeout I pretty much have to put the other in a timeout in a separate area or they end up playing together in the timeout spot. Even when the timeout is for being nasty to one another!), but throw a curious not-quite-two year old into the mix, who just HAS to do everything that sisters are doing... It sure takes it out of me.
Yesterday I felt absolutely horrid... spent most of my day feeding everything I'd eaten to the porcelain god. And then dry heaving when the poor belly finally hit empty. I'm just thanking my lucky stars I'm feeling better today, and also that I've only got two days of babysitting left after today. Then it's on to decorating the trailer, so really, the fun never ends!!
Looks like I'm going to have a second ultrasound done on August 7th (mainly because there is a tech coming to town for a visit, and they like to keep her busy) so I'll get to see another picture of my little bean. Really exciting!! I'll only be 11 weeks, but the kid should start to look a little more human. Less sea monkey. Fun stuff.

Friday, July 26, 2013


Look who dropped by for breakfast today! Oh yay, garbage all over the street. 7 am this morning, I was heading to the dining room to sit down with my toast and tea, and I look out the patio doors and see this fella just going to town on something the neighbours threw out. I raised my mug to him and grumbled out "cheers", then chuckled to myself a little. A minute or two later a taxi drove by, honked, and he ran off, but he came back another two times. He only stopped when the neighbour went out with new bags,  cleaned up all the trash and threw it in his garage. Good Ol' Yogi there came back, found the bin empty and lumbered off in a huff. This is what passes for the height of excitement around here folks. Gotta say, I was clutching my whistle when I walked to work a little later on.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Today, I turned 24. Happy Birthday to me.
It's funny though, people keep asking me if I feel older. My answer is not today. I feel much older than I did on this day one year ago, but it's all the big events throughout the year that have made me feel grown up, not the turning of this calendar page. It's been a big one. I married the greatest man on the face of the earth. Then with him, I moved to the ends of the earth. Now together, we're working on bringing a new life to this earth. I'm a very different, or at least more grown up version of who I was the day I turned 23. But it wasn't today that did that. Can't wait to see who I am at 25.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Gut Feeling

Did any of you have a gut feeling with your pregnancies about the gender? I've been working on this beautiful completely hand pieced and stitched quilt for a few years now, thinking that I'll put it away for when I have a daughter some day. So when I found out I was expecting, I pulled it out and dusted off the tin it lives in, and thought I better start working on it in earnest now, because I may just have a daughter sooner than I planned. I couldn't get into it. Not at all. I felt like there was no rush, because it's the wrong colour. And I immediately started planning out a quilt that's more boy friendly. Strange. I would love to have a girl first, I really want at least one little girl, and I feel like if I have my girl first, then the pressure's off for future kids. No playing the what if game, or the "maybe we should try just one more time" until I've got a house splitting at the seams with boys. Now, I don't have a problem if it is a boy, but I would really like to have my own little girl. But somehow, somewhere deep in my gut, in the very first weeks of my pregnancy, I was convinced I'm carrying a boy. Now I'm not so sure anymore, but my first thought was boy. Can't wait to find out if I'm right!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

BIG News Folks

Perhaps, just maybe, you can see it in your hearts to forgive my LONG LONG absence, when you see what I was trying soo very hard to keep my lip buttoned about?
That's right, I've got a little bun in the oven!! And like any ecstatic mommy to be, it was really all I could think about, all I felt like writing about. And I know that family members read this blog so I had to make sure I had time to tell them all in person first. Afterall, mom wouldn't want to find out her daughter is pregnant through her blog. I wouldn't in her shoes.
This is the first scan of my little bean. It was taken at only 6 weeks, so not a whole lot to see actually. But hey, I grewed it myself. I'm quite proud. The big hollow thing that looks like a head at first is actually the yolk sac. Who knew humans have yolks? That feeds the baby for the first while until the placenta gets established enough to take over. The little white bit to the right of that that I first thought was the body is the whole entire baby. The shoot off up towards the top of the screen that I thought might be an arm is more likely the beginning of the umbilical cord. Nifty huh? Not really something we were planning on just yet, but now that the baby's on it's way we're both so thrilled about it.
And, because that's not enough excitement yet, we're also moving in August. To a much smaller place. A one bedroom, trailer unit. Kinda sounds counterintuitive, but I'm ok with being a little squished for about a year because we'll be saving tonnes, and able to buy ourselves a home that much sooner. What the heck, most babies spend more of the first year in their parent's room than the nursery anyways. I'll tell you more about the place as we get closer to the move and I start taking some pictures. We take possession August 1st but don't really have to be out of here until Sept 1st, so we'll have some time to paint and redecorate the place as we like, and move bit by bit. I won't be able to do much heavy lifting, so it'll be nice to have the time to take things slow and steady.
I'm babysitting 3 kids for part of the summer just to keep me out of trouble, and add a little spending money to the budget. That should end right about the time we get the trailer, so really it's worked out beautifully.