Friday, July 26, 2013


Look who dropped by for breakfast today! Oh yay, garbage all over the street. 7 am this morning, I was heading to the dining room to sit down with my toast and tea, and I look out the patio doors and see this fella just going to town on something the neighbours threw out. I raised my mug to him and grumbled out "cheers", then chuckled to myself a little. A minute or two later a taxi drove by, honked, and he ran off, but he came back another two times. He only stopped when the neighbour went out with new bags,  cleaned up all the trash and threw it in his garage. Good Ol' Yogi there came back, found the bin empty and lumbered off in a huff. This is what passes for the height of excitement around here folks. Gotta say, I was clutching my whistle when I walked to work a little later on.

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