Sunday, March 18, 2012

Unhappy with Bell

Hello dear readers, fear not, I haven't abandoned you entirely. Our power went out two weeks ago due to ice on the lines (seems so hard to believe now as I sit here in a skirt and t-shirt!) and the power surge fried out internet box. And so we've been waiting for bell to send the new one we've ordered. And waiting. And waiting. And waiting. We've called them 6 times now and each time they tell us "oh, yes ma'am, right away ma'am, we'll put a rush on your delivery". Well, if there's a rush on our delivery how come you have to add a new rush every time we call? And how come, when a rush delivery takes 2-3 days, we've now been waiting 14!!

Anyways, I'm typing to you briefly from Andrew's house. I've got lots to catch you folks up on from boiling down syrup and corking up the tree to a finished spool of two ply woolen yarn made by my own hot little hands, but you're gonna have to be patient with me, as I'm trying to be with Bell!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Blowin' Buckets

This spring has been so very windy in our neck of the woods that my sap buckets keep blowing right off the trees! The ground all around my tree is stained a tawny blonde colour, proof that the my sap has indeed been running, but my buckets weren't staying put to catch it! I'm still getting some, I think I'm up to about 7.5 gallons of sap now, but I betcha there's that again poured all over the ground!
Today I went over with a ball of twine and tied all the bucket handles to the spigots. Should help. Fingers crossed.