Monday, July 29, 2013


Is how I'm feeling lately! Never underestimate the toll that first trimester takes on a woman. Babysitting the three kids, while it's been a blast, and kept me busy, and given me spending money, and all the lovely reasons I do it, is absolutely exhausting. Poor Andrew, by the time I come home at night I'm seldom in any shape or mood to make dinner. I watch a bit of tv, and am often in bed by 9:30 or 10:00. A few nights we've played a few rounds of phase 10 or some other game, but more often than not, we don't do much of anything. Twin 7 year olds are plenty to contend with on their own (and attached at the hip... if I put one in timeout I pretty much have to put the other in a timeout in a separate area or they end up playing together in the timeout spot. Even when the timeout is for being nasty to one another!), but throw a curious not-quite-two year old into the mix, who just HAS to do everything that sisters are doing... It sure takes it out of me.
Yesterday I felt absolutely horrid... spent most of my day feeding everything I'd eaten to the porcelain god. And then dry heaving when the poor belly finally hit empty. I'm just thanking my lucky stars I'm feeling better today, and also that I've only got two days of babysitting left after today. Then it's on to decorating the trailer, so really, the fun never ends!!
Looks like I'm going to have a second ultrasound done on August 7th (mainly because there is a tech coming to town for a visit, and they like to keep her busy) so I'll get to see another picture of my little bean. Really exciting!! I'll only be 11 weeks, but the kid should start to look a little more human. Less sea monkey. Fun stuff.


small farm girl said...

I just found out that my sister is pregnant the same day that you posted on you were. I wonder if she is going through what you are. She says she's tired, but no sickness yet.

Sam Sheehan said...

How far along is she? it might just be something she has to look forward to lol. Before yesterday I'd only ever felt queasy, never actually gotten sick