Monday, August 5, 2013


I am sure that I will continue to find paint on odd parts of my body for the next week, but I am happy to report that not only have we taken possession of our trailer, but it's had very nearly every nook and cranny painted. Whew! The paint we used is all benjamin moore (not a choice but a lack of options, all there is up here). The main colour is weathersfield moss (the center of the grey-green panel on the bottom) with some accent walls in durango (the brown chip next to it there) and we painted out the backsplash in the kitchen with baby fern (the middle chip on the bright green panel at the top). All in all the place looks lovely and I'm very happy with our choices! I tried to get some pictures today, but believe it or not there was too much gorgeous natural light to get a decent picture. Nearly every space of wall has a window in it! I'll have to try some pics in the evening (or find a decent camera...).
Of course, Andrew and I can't take all the credit, my parents and his mom came up for the weekend to give us a hand. We'd still be cursing and muttering over it if it wasn't for all their help. They just got on the train back south about three hours ago, and I miss them already... doesn't seem to matter how long or short a visit is, you still miss them when it's over.

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small farm girl said...

Nice color picks! I HATE painting walls. Believe it or not, I would rather trim them while Hubby paints. Can't wait to see the pictures of the finished project!!!