Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hey Diddle Diddle

There are certain problems with having an unexpected windfall when you've been living on a shoe string budget: you suddenly feel like a millionaire, and have it spent 5 ways before it hits your hands. Or I do, anyways.
My grandparents gave me some money, apparently to be able to order take-out during my study week. They thought it might free up some more of my time to study with, and hey, everyone's gotta eat right? Well, if I ate that much take-out, I think I'd be a blimp by next friday. I plan on ordering in thai, because I've been craving it lately, and maybe order in a pizza, but even after I go grocery shopping, I'm gonna have a reasonable wad of cash in my hot little hands. What to do with it? My initial though was: for 45$ I can get myself a student violin and bow and case, second hand but barely used. I so badly want to try my hand at fiddling, but will it distract me and keep me from my studies this study week? Probably. I've also wanted to start hula-hooping. A friend of mine does it, and she's been bringing various hoops to school and letting us all try it. Two of my other classmates have bought hoops of their own already, and some of us are starting to learn some pretty fancy tricks. Seems like a good way to exercise too... but again, distraction. Instead maybe I should save that money, and buy a fiddle, or a hoop, once exams are all over. But in the mean time, it should probably be put towards paying off my credit card. But then again, I have mothers day and birthdays coming up. I could actually afford to give some nice gifts if I wanted. Or I could get a new rock/climbing structure for my lizard's tank like I've been meaning to... the more I stop and think about it, the longer the list gets. I guess I need to find a way to sit down and prioritize the list.

... did I mention I really want a fiddle?

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