Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Loooooooong Weekend.

Well, exams are done and over with. Friday after the last exam my classmates and I went out to the madison and got out drink on for a little while. I discovered I love magners hard cider. Then my best friend from class came back to my place for tequila rose and good music. Introduced her to the likes of Andy McKee and Iron and Wine. Much to my surprise, she was already familiar with I&W. Cheers to good friends with good taste. My parents were at ikea here in the city, so they gave me a lift home rather than having to take the bus to Orangeville. Kudos to them. Zack met us in Orangeville.
Saturday morning Zack and I went to the market, then came home and helped mom plant her vegetable garden. We now have a 12x20 plot with 4 varieties of tomatoes, 3 varieties of peas, bush beans, zucchini, pumpkins, pickling cucumbers, carrots, radishes, 2 types of onions, butter crunch lettuce, basil, bell peppers and sunflowers. We spent the afternoon running errands, went for a walk with my grandparents in the early evening, and had steak for dinner. Overall a pretty good day.
On Sunday the same friend who shared my tequila rose on friday came to mom's place with her fiancee. They brought burgers for lunch, and we put on a local meal for dinner. Venison shot at a nearby farm and processed by a local butcher into sausages, roasted baby red potatoes and asparagus from the market, and home made iced tea. We spent the day lounging about and chatting, and just unwinding from our stressful week. In the evening we got a fire going with whatever wood we could find laying about. We tried to lie on blankets spread out on the grass, but the ground is still too soggy in the back yard, the blankets got soaked in minutes, so instead we dragged around the patio furniture. It worked. We told creepy stories and roasted marshmallows... I brought out the fiddle, but it wasn't very well received. Guess I should practice some more before another public appearance. They didn't leave till after midnight... about the time we ran out of wood.
Monday and Tuesday were lazy days. Now I'm back in the city.
Today is the day that I find out if I passed all my exams or not... Wish me luck?

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