Saturday, June 4, 2011

Moving Day Tomorrow

So now comes the part where all my belongings here get reduced to as few boxes and bags as possible and tomorrow we get to jig-saw them into mom's car. More like tetris really.
Its kinda sad. Both of the other places I rented a room I was starting to feel like good riddance by the time it was time to leave. I'm really going to miss Zack's mom and stepdad. And even miss living in the city a little. But, they're family now, and I know I can come and visit any time I like. That will be nice. And if I need to be in the city for anything I know I've got a place to stay.
I don't really know where to start packing, but I think if I just get myself out of bed and pick something up it will set the ball in motion.
The city is giving me a grand ol' send off. There's a nice rumbly thunderstorm going on out there right now... the good ones where the thunder vibrates the lining of your lungs. And it wasn't even in the forecast! Might just play hooky and go dance in the rain for a while.

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