Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Radish Greens

When Zack helped us plant the garden this spring, he accidentally dropped the package of radish seeds in a corner of the garden. Today I pulled them up. There were about 20 tiny little plants, the largest three radishes are all still smaller than my thumbnail. I just meant to clean up the garden a bit, and pulling these young plants was way easier than trying to pick up the microscopic seeds. But then I got to thinking about all these fresh greens I had in my hands and thought: are they edible? Turns out they are. Tonight we will be having braised radish greens with our dinner!!
The first food out of our garden this year, and especially welcome considering none of the lettuce seeds grew. I guess it's a new kind of spring green... though, right on the verge of summer I can't help but feel we're beyond fashionably late at this party.

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Zachary said...

sorry about that lol.