Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Belated Pumpkin Post

Well, you remember me telling you about the mutant giant pumpkin vines that took over the corner of the world that is my WHOLE ENTIRE GARDEN right? Well, I figured I better share some of the fruits of that labour with you! We pulled out 8 pumpkins in all, ranging from just too small to bother carving, up to about 18 inches across! This beauty to your left wasn't carved, it was scarred. When it was just a weenie little green pumpkin I lightly scored the skin in my paw print motif. As the pumpkin grew, the "injury" healed into a tough, scaly, grey-brown trail outlining where I'd scratched. Cool huh? It grew with the pumpkin, so the toes are spaced out a little funny, but I still like it! It doesn't make for a big impact halloween night because there's no lights in it, but I think it's neat, and keeping it intact means that it lasts way longer. I took that picture this afternoon, and it still looks as good as the day it was picked. The little fella in the bottom right corner of the pic is carved on one side, and as you can see he's succumbing to mold. We have saved seeds from 3 different pumpkins out of this batch to grow new pumpkins next year.

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