Monday, November 28, 2011

Yay for Friendsgiving!!

Friendsgiving turned out fantastic!! Christina and Kyle are fantastic hosts, and boy does Kyle ever know how to cook a turkey! We arrived around 6, presumably to help with setup and food prep before everybody arrived, but really we just helped devour the appetizers :). Aside from myself and Andrew and Chris and Kyle, there were two other couples and a single guy. 9 is an impressive number of people to entertain in a small apartment, and we were all comfy! One couple is married, another couple there was engaged as well, and our hosts are just on the verge of becoming engaged themselves I think! It was really cool to be around other young people who are kinda in the same place in life as we are. The evening was fantastic. The company was fantastic. The food was fantastic, and we already have plans in the works for a new years toga party. It's a good time.

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small farm girl said...

That sounds like a good time! Good friends and good food.