Monday, December 5, 2011

Going Crackers

Tonight I tried to make the crackers featured in the recipe here at Tree and Twig. I used 2 cups of whole wheat flour, and 1 3/4 of all purpose flour. I added dehydrated onion, ground flax seed and just a touch of dried mustard.
They certainly didn't turn out as pretty as Linda's but the taste is... alright. A little bland actually, I think I would add more salt in the future, or perhaps brush the tops with olive oil and garlic salt or something before baking? I really like how the texture turned out around the edges, and if, when they cool they get that yummy cracker-y texture throughout, I'll be a happy girl. For now the middle ones are a little chewy still. All in all they didn't thrill me, but I will certainly eat them all and maybe make some more. Perhaps they'll turn out more like Linda's for you?


small farm girl said...

I've never made crackers before! I might have to try.

Linda said...

Good on you for trying them! I wouldn't give first batches with different recipes weren't the best. Roll them super thin, that seems to be key for crackers. Once you get used to the homemade ones, the store ones are not the best.Have a very wonderful Christmas!