Thursday, December 1, 2011

Place mats

Here are the first two place mats to go with the table runner I made last weekend. 4 more to go!!


Heritage Harvest Farm said...

Wow, these are beautiful. How did you make these? We live in an old log house and they would fit right in.

Sam said...

Well, Andrew cut birch branches into 1/4 in thick biscuits on the chop saw, and I treated them like puzzle pieces and fitted them together on a piece of felt. Then I used a utility knife to score the edge pieces, and snapped them over the edge of my work table. Then we just hot glued them to the felt. In hindsight, especially on the place mats perhaps a clear protective coat of some sort on the birch rounds would maybe make it easier to wipe up spills? Black felt hides all kinds of sins, but the untreated wood soaks up spills like sponge. Overall, they're better as decorative pieces than functional pieces.