Sunday, January 22, 2012

On Change

I am a firm believer that change begets more change, and if you want things to change in your life, you need to actively make a start and things will turn out how you hoped. For instance, on Monday, I pulled my whole space apart, cleaned under big heavy furniture that never gets moved and moved it all around. Now my bed and personal effects are in one end of the room, and there's a feeling of separation from the big open space I created where I have all my massage supplies in a cabinet and can set up my table. I figured, since I can massage now, let's get set up to do it. I still wouldn't invite random strangers into my bedroom, but at least I have a place to treat family and friends.
Not 1 hour after I finished my big bedroom overhaul, an acquaintance that I met one weekend early in my first year of massage school sent me a message on facebook out of the clear blue sky. The place she works is looking for an RMT, did I ever eventually get myself registered? So, I told her that I did, and she put me in touch with her bosses. I've heard lots about the practice, and on Tuesday I'm going for an interview. Or rather, it's almost more like I'm interviewing them! The gentleman who is hiring me is looking for a personality fit for their small team. The way he put it, I've got the paper from the government that says I can do my job, and he's going to trust that I can. Whether I'm offered the job is a matter of whether I get along with the staff and they like the energy I bring to the space. Whether I accept the job is a matter of whether I like the space, like the commute, like the people, and like the way they handle paperwork and other such formalities. I'm so excited I could burst. The clinic is about half an hour away from here in Bolton, and the space is a combination practice with a chiropractor, a naturopath, two other RMT's, one of whom also does acupuncture and one who also does cranio-sacral. There is also a reiki practitioner, but she's on maternity leave. There is a full time receptionist to handle bookings and filing of paperwork.

Also that brings into sharp focus my need for a vehicle. We still need to work out the details amongst ourselves, but essentially mom and dad have offered to buy me an inexpensive, old car, and take half of my paycheck until I've got it all paid back to them.

So, lots of change!

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small farm girl said...

Wow! That sounds great! I hope it turns out for you.