Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday

Happy Mardi Gras folks!
I was fixin to make up a fantastic jambalaya over here, and get some real cajun smells and tastes going in the house. My family however has a much less adventurous palate. Instead it will become a pancake tuesday, with fluffy pancakes (and because having both pancakes and king cake seems gastronomically redundant, I'll be hiding a bean in one of the pancakes... hehe!!) . A shame it's not a few weeks later, we could have had homemade maple syrup on them! For tonight, Aunt Jemima will have to do, but I'll also bring out toppings like butter, jam and apple sauce. I'm gonna try to sell them on pancakes made from scratch. It's all about reintroducing the folks to real flavours, and leaning away from preservatives.

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small farm girl said...

I'll be right over!!!! lol