Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hand Spinning

Lately I've become interested in learning to hand spin. I've been reading like a fiend on the subject, and I think I've got the general principles down, from washing, to carding and finally spinning. Andrew is putting together a homemade drop spindle for me this week, and next week I'll hopefully be posting a how to article. I've been busy contacting local lamb producers all morning trying to get my hands on some raw wool. I know it's the wrong time of year, but I have to give it a try anyhow! In the mean time I've been playing about with the undercoat that I brush out of my poodle-cross, Taffy. She's rather indignant about the whole process though, I suppose she already looks like a sheep and it's only further embarrassment to use her like one. The puppy-ish little wolfling inside of her cries at being likened to prey. I need some real sheep wool.

Update: Andrew has finished my spindle! Here it is:
Now all I need is a sheep that don't mind giving up a handful or two of fleece in February...

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small farm girl said...

I love to spin! It takes practice though!