Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Keep a Weather Eye

Part of the reason I want to become a homesteader/farmer is a desire to get back in touch with the world around me. The real world, the world that matters. Like the moon phases, the seasons, weather patterns. What different animals do at different times of the year. And what it all means to a person who doesn't just live on this planet, but with it. I wanna know more about the food in my body, the clothes in my back and the roof over my head, I don't just want to pay for them.
I like that through the humble beginnings of syrup making I now check the forecast every day, and have some inkling of what that means for the food being produced for my belly. It's a start.
I want to continue this awareness throughout the growing season this year, not just dump veggie seeds in the garden and weed and water sporadically. I want to give my garden it's best shot at higher yields.

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