Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sap Buckets

The Sobeys here in town has their muffin mixes delivered in these 5 gallon buckets with lids. Perfect for sap buckets if you ask me! I called them the other day, and the nice lady in the bakery department told me I could come by and pick up the goopy, muffin batter covered buckets for free. Awesome. I'm glad I brought along a garbage bag to protect the car!! They were slimy and disgusting, but with a good scrub down they're just perfect!

Of course, now the weather has finally decided to behave like an early February should and the temperature is too cold for the sap to be running. Oh well, I'm prepared for when it does.


Doug Pitcher said...

It's been warm all of February here as well. We've been really lucky as we've been trying to get a house built.

farmgirlwanabe said...

I am excited because we too will go a maple tapping this year but up here in NE Ontario it won't be for a few more weeks - it amazes me how just 3 hours south of us you guys have so much nicer (warmer) weather -

Sam said...

It's all so exciting... I've had a close eye on the weather lately, that's for sure!! I've never made syrup before, and I'm anxious to start! Funny how many farming/homesteading activities make you weather conscious.