Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Westfield Heritage Village

This weekend one of our re-enactor guys set us up an event at Westfield Heritage Village, where he often volunteers. Because it was the first time they've ever hosted and 1812 event at that location, there were a couple of organizational hiccups that are only to be expected but nothing major, the venue was beautiful, and we had a great time. The buildings in the village are set up to be about 1860's era, but it was still interesting to see!
On notes of personal interest, I really liked seeing the ladies who bring their assorted livestock to the village from their nearby farm. They had a dexter cow (a personal favourite of mine, if I have cattle they'll be dexters.) and some Jacob's cross sheep so docile and used to people that you can scoop a lamb up into your lap and sit in the shade snuggling and petting the lamb, while mama nibbles your hair. They had silkie chickens, and assorted young chicks, and another white laying breed that I don't recall the name of at the moment. They had two docile leghorn crosses that you could tuck under your arm and walk around the park with. I decided then and there that when we have some chooks of our own, I'll spend a lot of time handling a couple of the girls and groom them to come out to events with us in a little chicken tractor. Camp followers in 1812 would likely have had assorted odds and ends of livestock straggling along with the company. I think it'll be great, and a big draw for the kids. The ladies also had a rabbit and some turkey poults and ducklings there. I remember just thinking that I wanted their life. I spent a lot of time at the barn this weekend.
The weather was just fabulous!! Hot! When you're dressed from head to toe in wool clothing you end up being up less than thrilled when the temperatures breech 30 degrees Celsius. It was nice in the shade though, and it's always a great weekend when we go home with dry canvas!!

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