Friday, June 15, 2012

Fiddle camp!

On August 24th, Andrew and I are headed down to Jackson NY to finally meet fellow blogger and homesteader Jenna Woginrich. We'll be enjoying her home cooked food, pitching a tent in the farm field, and best of all, learning to fiddle. That's right folks, I'll be getting kitted out with a fiddle, bow, rosin and case, and she swears I'll know how to play it by the end of the weekend. My fiddling efforts have largely slacked off since I've moved home, due to lack of support from the family. I returned my rented fiddle to long and mcquade's, and while I have a long term loaned fiddle from a friend (her grandfather made it, it's kinda a family heirloom, she's just letting me play it because nobody in her family has an interest right now), it's not the same. She's pretty, with stocky little mountain ponies carved into the back, but she is also old and I'm terrified to break her.
So, looking forward to August, and a fiddle of my own!!


small farm girl said...

I'm soooo jealous!!!!!

Jacquie Durham said...

You're not going to harm the's all good! I'm glad it's getting out :)