Monday, July 30, 2012

Bad Habits

I have a bad habit. I only want to post when things are all rainbows and sunshine in my life, and then when things get a little rough I disappear for a bit. Sorry.

Money's been tight, business has been slow practically all summer. I'm barely (if even) making enough to pay all my bills each month, which sucks, but it is a hazard of the field I'm in.

Speaking of fields I'm in, the field I wanna be in has grass up to my knees, and a trio of horses grazing nearby. I've been itching to ride again, but due to artistic differences or some other such nonsense, my riding instructor Katie is no longer working at Hummingbird Hill. Until they find a new trainer, I'm kinda in a lurch. And even once they do, what are the chances that this new person will be happy with the same deal of massage treatments in exchange for lessons? With the way things have been going, I certainly can't afford to pay for them right now. And outside of Hummingbird Hill the only other school that teaches western riding in the area is for sale. Must be a tough crowd.

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