Saturday, September 15, 2012

Here Fishy Fishy

Several months ago my mom and I were invited to go through the storage locker of a friend's mom who had passed away. Her family took what they wanted, and then we were invited to see if there was anything we wanted or needed. The locker was pretty picked through, but we came away with some nice bamboo cutting boards, and more than fed my obsession with old mismatched teacups. There was also a big round glass canister. The type that is meant to sit with others of graduated sizes on a counter top with flour and sugar in them. Just the one. It had the lid still but all I could think was that the jar alone would make a great fish bowl. I thought of a pretty, showy betta fish swimming around in there. But the time wasn't right. I had my two bearded dragons, and as far as mom was concerned that was enough extra pets in her house (thank you very much!). So, now that I've moved, and found the bowl again during packing, I wanted that fishy more than ever. And so, enter Tokyo:
The picture is dark and the lighting is bad, but his face is black, his body is dark, and his fins are beautiful! blue-y green and very iridescent... He reminds me of a peacock. Also, around the middle of the bowl you can see two tawny blobs stuck to the glass. They are trapdoor snails, and they help me keep things clean. The one right above Tokyo's head I call Fred, and the other one behind his tail I've been calling Mouse, because it's small and rather timid.
Tokyo was brought home about two days after I moved in, but Fred and Mouse were just picked up yesterday, when I noticed that algae is starting to grow on the sides of the bamboo stalks. I also feed them cucumber, because I'm not quite convinced that there's enough algae to sustain them in an environment so small that's cleaned so often.

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