Thursday, October 25, 2012

Crafts and Updates

  So I've been a little pre-occupied with the whole James Bay thing, but here's what else has been going on in my life. I finished the owl embroidery I was working on and I must say, I think it's ADORABLE!! I've considered framing him up and sending him to Jenna over at Cold Antler Farm, and I've thought about turning him into a tote bag embellishment for a friend who is an "owl" or leader in our local brownie unit, but the truth is I just can't part with him. Not sure what he'll turn into yet, but for now I'm keeping him. This whole picture just screams October to me... The pears feel more like August... Maybe I'll make a quilt that's a giant embroidered calendar, one square for each month of the year... hmm... I'll think about it.
Isn't he just the cutest though!  Look at that face... could you give him away? He needs to be on display though, not just sitting at the bottom of my sewing basket. 
This one has a totally different feel to it. The other pieces were about trying out fancy stitches, and playing around with techniques. This is pretty much just an outline done in a simple back stitch, all in one colour. I'll use french knots for the eyes and buttons, but that's about as complicated as it's likely to get. Would I include this in the same quilt? It could definitely say January, but it's so much simpler than the others I'm not sure it would quite fit in... Maybe I'll alternate between loud and simple blocks... hmm... food for thought for sure.

Tuesday my mom, mother-in-law-to-be and I started looking for fabrics for the wedding. We were hoping to find materials for the bridesmaid's dresses, but nothing was quite tickling us. Finally, just before we were ready to head home so I could get ready for Pathfinders, a fabric caught my eye in the corner at the fabricland we were in, and when I unwound a bit off the bolt, I actually started tearing up. I won't really describe it in detail, that way people I actually know in real life will still be in awe at the wedding, but suffice it to say it's BEAUTIFUL! But not for the bridesmaids... oh no. This fabric is snowy white. I've found the raw material of my wedding dress, and the three of us nearly cried right there in the store. It may slightly bend the rules of what's period appropriate (we're having an 1812 themed wedding of course), but it's close enough for me! So, that's one item ticked off the list. There is still lots to do, and if we end up going up north there's a lot I'd like to have kind of settled before we take off, but hey, one more thing ticked off is great.

Work has been busy this week. Saturday morning I had two clients, and then rushed home to help Dar out with her Brownie camp. I think a snot nosed 7 year old gave me a cold for my troubles... thanks sweetie.  Sunday morning after packing up and saying bye to the Brownies I had two horse clients, and Monday was a bit of a welcome break, but I did some running around just the same. Tuesday I was working down in Richmond Hill, then fabric shopping, and then I had Pathfinders, and yesterday I had a whopping 5 clients here at the Newmarket office. Keep in mind the cold... I was dead on my feet by the end of the day despite sucking back vitamin C and herbal teas all day. Today I slept in, curled up in my pj's and watched Glee all morning, took an afternoon nap, and am almost starting to feel human again this evening. This is good, because tomorrow I've got a couple more clients, and some Saturday too. It's a welcome change from sitting around twiddling my thumbs in the beginning of the month, but boy when it rains it sure pours!

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