Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Power of Intention

Let me let you all in on something I've known about myself for years now: I am often at my happiest with a lead rope in my hands, and warm smooth horse flesh under my palms. I love being around horses, whether it's for work, or play. Any and every opportunity to be around horses is one I relish.
So, I'm gonna say this "aloud", because I believe in the power of intention, and I believe that the things I ask for and believe in and work towards will come into my life. Three months from now, I want to have an equine client on most days. Five months from now, I want to have an equine client for every day of the week. Now, I might not necessarily treat one horse per day, but I want to be treating at least 7 horses a week. It's work I love doing, it's work I'm great at, and it gives me a sense of accomplishment like nothing else. I truly make a difference in their lives, and that's why I became a massage therapist. I want to help people heal and get better. At the time, I just didn't realize that my true calling was with four footed people. Sure I still massage lots of two legs like us, but more and more my techniques are developing in ways that reflect my work with animals, and it suits me fine if there are some clients that don't care for my technique. Because mark my words, by this time next year, the majority of my income will come from treating quadrupeds, you'll see. I'll make it happen. Also, a horse owner/trainer will come into my life who is happy to accept treatments for themselves or their horses in exchange for giving me riding lessons. On the ground I have such an amazing connection with these animals, it's really about time I left terra firma and got a better grip on how to ride one! Tonight I am finally ordering the business cards I designed a while ago. They emphasize the animal side of my practice, I figure it's important to advertise for precisely what I want to be doing, not just everything I'm capable of. Money's been tight and I didn't think I'd have room in the budget for a lot of new business cards any time soon, but the folks at Vistaprint practically give them away [and they're a Canadian company, so I don't mind promoting them for free ;-)], an additional coupon for their products has fallen into my hands (thanks Danielle) and an unexpected equine client this morning are all contributing to make it happen. My time is now, and I plan to seize it!

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