Sunday, November 18, 2012


Are being shat right now folks. I am so excited/nervous for tuesday. It's quite unbearable really. Tomorrow around noon Andrew sets out for sudbury, Tuesday he writes his test, and Friday we'll know if we're moving. It's gonna be that fast. There's gonna be a lot to deal with. If we go, I'm gonna stay behind for a few weeks and settle some things on the home front. Things like the car, and finding good homes for our reptile collection. Dealing with who will be driving Andrew's truck, and how we need to keep all that above board with the insurance people. Figuring out what will be required up there in terms of furnishings and supplies. And how to get it all there. There's a lot to think about right now... but first things first, I've got my fingers crossed for ya honey. I know you can do it.

* I wrote this on Sunday, but clearly it didn't post properly...*

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