Saturday, November 3, 2012

Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

... and who came up with that saying anyways? Clearly they haven't tried my homemade bread. Beats the wonderbread hands down, any day.

However, I'd like to introduce you to the bodum travel press, which continues to blow my mind. It comes with a normal lid if you just want to use it like a plain travel mug, or it comes with a french press lid so you can brew your coffee or loose tea right in your mug. It's great for those times when I'm the only one home/awake/craving coffee, because I just make what I need or want right there in the cup, as fast as I can boil the water. And, I don't have a clue how the thing is constructed, but I made a cup of coffee before heading to work at 1 this afternoon, and when I took my break for dinner at 5 the stuff was still hot. Hot enough to warrant taking small careful sips. Simply amazing. And by the time I'd finished up both work and paperwork at 7:30, it was cooling off because I forgot to flip the lid closed again, but it was still totally in the realm of drinkable. It holds not quite two of my normal, at home coffee mugs worth of coffee, and it fits in the cup holder of my car. I love my bodum.

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