Saturday, November 24, 2012

Spoiled Sweetie

Remember how I said I bought champagne, but we didn't get a chance to drink it yesterday because we had to work? Well, this is what I had waiting for my honey bear when he got home from work this morning. At 5 am. (I'm not an early riser normally... appreciate the effort this took). I lit a candle, bought a bunch of roses and trimmed them to make a wreath around it. We had blackberries, and raspberries stuffed with chocolate*, and champagne all from the comfort of our bed while we snuggled and cuddled and talked about what's to come. It was quite romantic really. Even if those aren't exactly champagne flutes. We make do.

*ever notice the hole in a raspberry where the core sat is roughly the shape of a chocolate chip? Push one in, tip side down. They are simply divine.