Thursday, January 17, 2013

Checking in from Cochrane

I'm sitting in our hotel room, and we have wifi here so I thought I'd check in. The drive was long enough to leave my butt numb twice over, but that was to be expected. By driving through the night last night we missed even the fun of getting to look at the beautiful landscape. There were some nice stars out though once the clouds cleared up. We were driving through snowy blowy conditions up to huntsville, but it was pretty clear after that. We pulled into Cochrane at 7 am. Exhausted. Napped until around noon, then dropped off our freight, the rental trailer, and the truck and spent the afternoon watching Gordon Ramsey tear people apart on the tv in our hotel room. We had dinner downstairs, and are now back in our room, checking in with people and updating and charging our devices. Soon we'll go to bed, and first thing in the morning we'll board the train. It's all coming together!

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small farm girl said...

Im soooo excited for you guys!!!!! Be careful!