Friday, January 11, 2013

Merry Christmas/Wedding/New Years

Well, I've had a very very busy month. Every time I sat down to type, I got overwhelmed with how much I had to tell, and put it off to a later date, which of course means I only have more to tell! But I've got some time today, so let's see what I can come up with.

Our wedding was beautiful. Magical. It was everything we wanted it to be and more. I felt like a princess, and he looked so handsome.... I know he hates the whole idea of a suit, but damn does he ever look good in one! We had our small ceremony at my parents house, and then all our friends and more distant relations dropped by in the afternoon to wish us well, and shower us very generously with gifts. We knew it would be a last minute kind of thing, and we figured people might not be able to get or afford a gift for us with it being christmas time, and we were ok with that. It was getting to see and celebrate with the people we loved that mattered most to us. We were blown away by the showering of gifts we received, it was more than we dared to expect, and if you're reading this, any of my darling friends, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
We danced to a song we love, held our parents while they wept, drank champagne and fed each other slivers of cake without mashing them into each others faces (this took restraint, believe me). When the halls were emptied out we got a lift to a local hotel where my parents had booked us a king suite for the night. We soaked together in a giant jaccuzzi tub with more champagne while we talked about our future, and basked in the glowing feeling of love we have for one another. Punctuated by moments of pure "wow..." as the reality of what we'd just done, what we'd just become slowly sank in. It'll still take a while. And longer still for me to get used to my new last name. I am now Sam Sheehan. Bye bye, Murray.

New years eve we spent with friends of mine down in scarborough, eating good food and ultimately doing a massage exchange as we watched the last sands of 2012 run out of the hour glass. It was a good time.

We've been shopping, and making use of our wedding gifts. We've ordered furniture and appliances for our new place, being delivered through the brick outlet in Moosonee (who knew?), and purchased warm stuff for the cold weather. New down filled MEC brand parkas should keep us both warm and snug, and we both got new winter boots too.

Besides that, it's all been a flurry of packing, getting in last minute visits with people, figuring out the logistics of moving a household to what might as well be the middle of nowhere, and dealing with setbacks with as much grace as we can muster. Our apartment won't be ready for another week (the trade off that comes with being the first tenants in a new build, you have to rely on the contractors), our truck might not have space to follow us on the train until the 23rd, misinformed shipping quotes from fedex... little things like that... but it couldn't ALL go perfectly, right?

Currently, the plan is leaving here on Wednesday, spending two nights in Cochrane, and getting to Moosonee on the Friday. Plans however, remain flexible.


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Sounds wonderful! Good luck in your new life.

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