Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nearly 2 Weeks

I've been putting off this update. I don't really have any pictures to share, or great adventure stories to tell. Just the every day little adventures a couple goes through as they learn how to live together on their own. They're important, but they're hardly news worthy. Like deciding whether we prefer sponges or cloths (or maybe a mixture of both?) in the kitchen, and what foods are ok from no-name, and which have to be name brand products (I bought no name peanut butter, apparently this is a serious transgression, but it's ok, I'll use it up in cookies).
We still aren't in our new apartment. We were supposed to be in Monday, but Sunday night when the land lord and his wife went to give the place a final clean, they walked in and found an inch of water on the floor. Apparently, from what I understand, the water had been connected in to the unit from the municipal source, but the valve still closed to the apartment. Now, I'm unclear whether the back pressure popped that valve?  Or maybe they turned on the valve to the unit, and realized later when they came back that something hadn't been hooked up yet? Either way, we ended up with a lot of water damage. The edges of every piece of laminate flooring (which fooled me, I thought it was hardwood. Very good stuff.) was curling up, the baseboards had to be replaced, etc. But they were lucky, they got the flooring off fast, and cranked the heat and dried the place out and didn't have to replace any of the plywood subfloor. None of our stuff was damaged, because we packed everything in plastic bins. Now I am really glad we didn't use cardboard. Initially he was just going to replace the hallways and bedroom with the left overs he had for now, and re finish the rest of the rooms as he could get supplies in, but then he decided he'd use a cheaper product that he could get here in town, so he could do it all at once. I have to say I like that decision. Then we won't be having to shuffle our belongings around and live around construction. When we move in, it'll be done. Whew. Yesterday the flooring went down, today they're replacing the baseboards and trim, and doing the touch ups to any nicks in the walls, and Tomorrow we should be able to move in.
The pressure is off a bit though. Our buddy Cody is gone out of town for a couple of weeks, and left us the keys to his place, so we're not racking up hotel bills any more. That was a big weight off of our mind.
Our furniture and appliances are being delivered from the brick today. They were supposed to deliver them Saturday, and I'm not quite sure what happened there, but I'm kind of glad they weren't there when things got wet.
In the mean time, I'm knitting up a storm, we're playing darts, eating good food, watching tv and just generally passing the time. Andrew is working today at the moose factory base. I have a growing list of potential clients queueing up, but no where to treat them yet! Hopefully by Monday I'll have my clinic space set up and functional.


small farm girl said...

So close!!! Hopefully you guys will get into your place soon. I know it can be difficult sometimes merging two people who are already set in their ways but, it is soooo worth it too! :) I hope you have good luck finding a place to do your work. Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!

Sam Murray said...

one of our three bedrooms will become my clinic, we just can't move in yet! lol