Saturday, January 19, 2013

Welcome to Moosonee

Yesterday we got off the train around 2:30. We gathered up our stuff, and hiked over to the hotel. It was a bit of a walk, but it wasn't so bad. I could feel that it was windy and cold on my legs and the bit of my face that wasn't covered by my hat or scarf, but my body and feet were toasty warm in my new parka and boots. Next on the list: Snow pants. The train tracks are on the north end of town, and we walked past the hardware store, schools, lcbo, police station, post office, grocery store complex, restaurant and hotels. Our hotel looks out over the moose river, which forms the southern edge of town.  We carried our luggage from the north end of town all the way to the south end. And it took us about 10 minutes. Wow. The town does sprawl a little further east to west, but this place really is a small town.
Once we settled into the Polar Bear Lodge and dropped our stuff off, Andrew went back to the train yard for our truck, and then took me for a tour of our new town, starting with driving past our new home. It looks like the picture Andrew took the last time he was here. It'll be really cool on monday when we get to see the inside of it. Then we drove past everything from the garbage dump and electricity station on the far east end of town, to the airport on the west end. We picked up our keys for our P.O. box and emptied it of it's accumulated junk mail. Then we went to the grocery store to cruise around and get an idea of the prices. Some things are crazy, like a can of ground coffee for 23$, and milk for almost 9$, and frozen pizzas for 13$ each, but other things aren't too bad. Generally the less processed something is, the closer it is to the prices back home, but weight also seems to come into play, such as with the milk and the flour, which is also pricy. Then we went to the Sky Ranch for dinner. It's owned by the same family of newfies who owns the Regular Stop (another hotel in town), and their son, who cooks at the restaurant, also tends bar at the local watering hole.
I've met a few of Andrew's co-workers, and learned that there are girl guides in town. There's a lady spearheading a spark and a brownie unit with a cluster of volunteers, but none of the older branches yet. I'm not looking to take on the responsibility of a new unit right away, but maybe I wouldn't mind helping out, especially once I'm a bit more settled.
I think I'm gonna like it here.

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