Sunday, February 10, 2013

Looking like home

Well, nearly all of our things are unpacked, we've got pictures hung, and we've hosted our first social gathering. People came over for a bit of a housewarming party last night, and we had a good time and a few drinks. The place is starting to look and feel like home... just in time to leave it again!
Andrew was asked if he would like to go north to Kashechewan for a couple of weeks, working full time hours, and he said yes. I followed him up with my massage table in tow, to treat the people up here who normally only get massage therapy when they go south on vacation. So we're camped out in a trailer up here for the week. Then on the weekend we'll go back south and deliver an ambulance from here to Moosonee, and then Andrew will come back up in his truck. We'll see how busy I am this week and whether it will be worth it for me to come back as well. Talk about having whirlwind adventures! We sure didn't give ourselves much chance to get settled! Later on, I'll post some pictures from the trip north on the ice road!

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