Thursday, March 28, 2013


Today, I'm feeling pretty good about myself. I took two minor disappointments and turned it into something really cute.
Last week when I was making my easter eggs, one of my blown eggs broke on me. Now, if you've ever blown out eggs you know what a load of work it is to empty the little buggers, so this was very disappointing. I dyed it anyways. Also, in the warmth of our kitchen cupboard our garlic has decided to start growing. Now, this isn't the end of the world, I certainly use garlic even when it starts to grow, and even chop the green parts into things, but it's still frustrating when we only bought it a week ago.
However, since it's spring even if it doesn't feel like it, I was craving a little green and growth around here. I wrapped a clove of garlic in wet paper towel and nested it inside my little pink broken egg shell.
Now as it waves it's jaunty little green flag, it's a good reminder that good things, things that make you smile, can come from disappointments. It was a reminder that I really needed this week. 

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