Monday, April 22, 2013


I saw this on pinterest, and it was so great that I had to share. Once I'd tried it myself of course :) Make seed starter pods out of toilet paper tubes. Great way to reuse things we might otherwise throw out, in a way that helps us live greener more sustainable lives. Happy earth day!

Cut a toilet paper roll in half so you have two shorter tubes. Take one of the rolls and squash it flat, then open it and squash it in the other direction so that when you open it again it'll be mostly square-ish. Then on one end make a small slit about half an inch deep along all four fold lines. 

 You end up with a box with four flaps. Fold them together tucking the ends under one another so it makes a closed box bottom.

 Three toilet paper tubes yields 6 little planters to start seeds in.
 A view of the bottoms all folded up. If your slits are too shallow, you will have an open hole in the bottom, which is ok as long as it's not too big. If your cuts are too deep the flaps will overlap and your box will have a hard time laying flat (see middle left box). I had to unfold it and trim the flaps down.
Once I filled my little boxes and planted seeds in them I labelled them directly with a sharpie, and placed them in the little plastic "Jiffy" greenhouse. The toilet paper tubes are much easier to label than the netting and peat pucks that come with the greenhouse. I covered it with the plastic bubble to help it germinate as I normally would with one of these kits. When your seedlings are ready to be replanted, you can simply open the bottom to help the roots out, and then plant the whole tube.

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