Monday, April 8, 2013


I'm a little behind on posts, but I'll try to catch up. Easter here in the Moose was absolutely lovely. My folks came up for a visit, and it was so very nice to see them. We picked them up from the train on the Thursday, and took them back to the train on the following Tuesday. While they were here they were a big help around the house. Dad levelled out all our crooked cabinet doors, fixed our leaky toilet and hung a curtain rod for us, and mom sewed up the curtains to hang from it, as well as a table cloth out of a set of sheets I loved but don't have a bed that size any more. It's little things we could have done ourselves, but it was nice to have their help and it made them feel important and gave them something to do while they were here and we appreciate it.
Dad and I put together a big turkey dinner for Monday (since Andrew had to work Sunday) and it was a big success even without as much of a vegetable selection as we're used to. It was a slow week for veggies at the store. Things like that happen up here. It was still delicious.
They brought up care packages with them, both from themselves and other friends and family members. We told people that coffee is expensive up here, and so we got inundated with the stuff! 15 cans of coffee were sent our way, mostly the tall Costco cans. And that's after my folks and Andrew's folks held back a few cans for their own use! We probably won't even manage to drink it all before it expires, but Andrew will take some to work with him, and we'll make sure it doesn't go to waste. Mom brought me up one of her extra sewing machines, and Andrew's mom sent up some seeds, soil, and peat pots. It was such a welcome gift... I was craving the sight of green things growing, as you can tell from my earlier post about the garlic (which by the way is growing beautifully). I've got little green house style seed starter kits, old margarine, coffee and yoghurt containers and little pots full of tender young green things growing in every window sill and sunny spot, and I couldn't be happier about it. The bolus of fresh vegetables and herbs will be a welcome addition to our diet too.
I have been taught how to play euchre in the past, but was never a confident player. It comes with experience, which I certainly got that weekend. We played hand after hand, and literally wore out a deck of cards. I went from dreading being asked to play the game to looking forward to getting together with another couple so we can play again.
Mom and I went for a nice walk with a pair of pruners and collected pussy willows which grow on the verges of the road. I was surprised to see them, and more surprised to see the downy soft buds open on them already. To me they are such a happy symbol of spring, that I couldn't help but bring some inside. They're standing now in my dining room in an old milk bottle. It's my kind of scrappy beauty. I love it. Between little touches like the pussy willows and the curtains I must admit this place is looking pretty cozy and pretty homey. There's three more rooms that could really use curtains, but it's really starting to look good. I was proud to show it to my folks.
It was also really good timing to have them here. With Scout leaving on Wednesday, having the bustle of house guests was a good way to avoid dwelling on the empty space left by the little fur ball. Though I must admit that the first few quiet moments I got up to see what kind of trouble he was getting into, only to realize he wasn't there.
All in all it was a lovely weekend, and I was so glad they made the trek up to our corner of this white and wild world.

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