Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spring Thaw

The river has broken up, and great slabs of ice are tumbling over one another, piling up against the shores as the river desperately tries to make a break for it down river. Unfortunately, that same relentless driving current has pushed too many slabs of ice into narrower parts of the river, collecting more and more ice and other debris until the river all but stopped. This happens often in the spring, but it's bad news, and worse this year than most. The island of moosefactory has several important buildings surrounded completely by water already, the hospital has been evacuated, and any high risk citizens as well (seniors, pregnant women, people who require regular medical care at the hospital etc.). The same sort of at-risk population is being evacuated from Moosonee as well (since our only hospital is the one on the island). But it's not a state of emergency yet, oh no. It's not considered a state of emergency until the bridge to the airport is under water. Which makes it very difficult indeed to evacuate people. They're about 12" away from that point now, and it will likely cover the bridge some time today. Did the town call the people who run the train and ask them to add more cars and expect an influx of refugees later on today? Oh silly, now why would they do that? The train has already left Cochrane, it will arrive here around 2, and leave again at 5. If evacuation was even a potential at any point today, with the airport unaccessible, the train needed to know before 9 this morning. Great job folks.
Now, all is not dire. People with stairs down to the river, and docks, and even boat houses are in it for sure right now, but no actual homes or community buildings are flooded right now in Moosonee. Our building is up fairly high, for all that it's close to the river, and so far even our sump pump hasn't had to work overtime, and the crawl space is dry. There are no standing puddles anywhere near us, and thankfully it's been a pretty dry spring so far, and right now the only real threats are melting snow (which is becoming less of a problem in our immediate vicinity) and the overflowing, choked up river. That being said I've heard it's supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow and I can only hope and cross my fingers that it's just a half-hearted drizzle and that rainwater will not compound our issues.

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small farm girl said...

Oh WOW! Be safe! Keep us updated so that we don't worry too much! lol