Monday, August 19, 2013


This post will be a TMI kind of post, so if hearing about pee bothers you, stop now.

I went for a prenatal appointment the other day, and was told that my urine sample contained "markers that could indicate a bladder infection". The nurse practitioner went on to explain that she was going to get me a course of antibiotics to clear it right up.

Hold the phone. Could indicate infection. Not "you have a bladder infection", but you might have one. I had no symptoms, no itching, burning, foul smells, nothing! On top of that, I'm allergic to a lot of antibiotics, so I try to be careful with the ones I can take so I don't build up an intolerance to them. I also try to limit the drugs I'm taking in general while I'm carrying my little bean. Not enough is known about the effects of too many things. I asked if there was some way that we could confirm whether I do or do not have an infection. She actually rolled her eyes at me, and then proceeded to try to bully me into taking the drugs saying that if I don't medicate, an infection could make me miscarry. That I was being reckless with my child's life. Could she at least leave a script for the drugs in my file, and then if the testing came back positive for the infection (which could take a whole 24-36 hours she informs me, like that's a big deal), I could stop by the clinic and pick up the script any time, even if there's no doctor there. I eventually agreed to this, I figured what harm does a piece of paper in a file do, if it's going to make her feel better, so be it. Not a pill will cross my lips until I know for sure that I've got some good reason to be taking them!

That was Friday, and I realized today that I had never heard back from the clinic, so I called them up myself. Turns out I'm all clear, no infection, try to drink more water because it appears I was slightly dehydrated. No antibiotics needed.

Now, I'm not against the taking of antibiotics to cure actual infections, but this kind of cavalier tossing about of these drugs like candy is why we have the super bugs we have today. Over medication! Also, in today's day in age when so much medical information is available to the public, and we're so much better informed, why is it that when a mother makes an informed decision that she thinks will be the best course for herself and her fetus, she gets bullied into an outdated, often detrimental protocol because it's something the health staff have gotten comfortable and complacent with. They're our bodies, and they're our choices to make!


small farm girl said...

Good for you for standing up to the doctor!!!! I HATE when they give out pills for no good reason. Give the body time to fix itself. I'm glad to hear you didn't have an infection. Once again, GOOD JOB!!!!!!

Katou said...

You are so right Sam; instead of searching for the cause of an illness, it's easier for them to give pills to people. And, a lot of people are waiting just for that too when they go to the doctor's. I would sure like to find a holistic doctor but I guess it's impossible when you live in régions far from the big centers.