Saturday, August 31, 2013

Crazy Weather...

Thursday was hot. I didn't check the weather network, so I don't know how hot, I just know that I couldn't find anything to wear that fit my growing bump, and was loose enough and light enough to keep me cool. The kind of day you drink gallons of water and just feel wilted. We went to bed with all the windows open and just a sheet. A cold front moved in over night, and I woke up shivering hard. Despite bundling up, I had a hard time getting warm all day. By last night, the temperature had gone down to almost zero! Now, it's back up in the low teens, and raining. Neither of these extremes is particularly uncomfortable really, but when it yo-yo's like that it seems harder to acclimatize to. Hard to choose what to wear for the day. I love when the temperature slowly creeps down, and you can feel fall slowly encircle us with her fingers. This is like being plucked out of bed in the middle of a nice dream, then dropped on your head!

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