Friday, August 23, 2013

I Saw the Lights!

Ok unfortunately I don't have a picture for you. It was a pretty bland, mostly whitish show and my technology just can't capture that, but I saw them! Finally saw them! Only took about 8 months...

If you didn't know what you were looking for, you could almost believe that it was thin, stringy cloud cover. Except that no clouds were in the sky, and no clouds ever moved like that. The lights don't really move I don't think. At least, you can't perceive that wispy, sliding sort of movement that clouds make. I think they just kind of fade in spots while getting brighter in other places. You can stare at it and would swear it's not moving at all, but then you look back a second later and the shape of the spectacle is wholly different. There were two little moments when a bit of green showed up, and perhaps if we'd waited longer we could have seen more. The show is always most intense from 1-2 am, we were watching from around 11:30-12. But hey, in my pregnant state, even that was well past my bedtime. Just so happy to have finally experienced the northern lights.

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small farm girl said...

That's great!!! I saw them on time. I know what you mean about them not moving. Yet they are beautiful too.