Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mixed Reactions

The Rosemont square dance and fiddle club were gracious hosts to our strange and awkward band of young ladies. The caller called the easiest dances possible first so that we could learn the basics and feel a bit more comfortable with the whole thing. Everybody gave it a try at least once, and only 2 of the girls sat out for the second set, I was quite proud of their participation. One of the girls was shooting us daggers of embarrassment and resentment at us through the whole first set, but for as "traumatizing" as the experience was, she got up and danced the second set with us. One of our shyer girls who sometimes has a tough time fitting in found an unexpected talent for dancing. She is very good at following a lead.
Between callers, the fiddlers (and guitarists and banjo players) kept on playing, and several kind gentlemen hopped up to show us how to waltz or foxtrot. I had a pretty good handle on it last night, but already I couldn't tell you the first thing about the foxtrot. It was a lot of fun to watch some of the couples who have been at it a little longer add their own flair to the dances.
Several of the gentlemen offered to come to the meeting and offer further lessons. We had a good time, but I think that one outing might have been enough for most of us. The other leader and I were discussing whether or not we'd like to get a group of our friends together for one of those private lessons, but I'm not sure if anything will come of it. All of us are getting the square dancing badge pictured on yesterday's post.
If any of you are interested in a little square dancing action yourselves, the Rosemont Square Dance and Fiddle Club meets the third tuesday of each month at the Orange Hall, beside the globe restaurant in Rosemont, on Hwy. 89 just west of Alliston. 4 bones will get ya in the door, snacks are free and so is juice, but pop, water, coffee and tea are available for .50$ to 1$

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