Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Yesterday I made the most delicious coleslaw, and today I thought I'd share it with you. It's a great way of using tired, over wintered vegetables to remind us that spring is on the way.
First, take a nice big head of cabbage. I like green, use what you like though. Remove the stem and outer leaves, and then chop, grate, mince, shred, or do whatever it is you do to reduce cabbage to teensy bits. Next do the same with a nice stalk or two of broccoli. I usually cut off all the fuzzy green bits, and grate the stalks. Add anywhere from 1/2 a cup to a cup of raisins, keeping in mind that they will make the coleslaw sweeter. If you like a spicy bite to your coleslaw, dice up a small cooking onion to toss in. For the sauce I mix together:
aprox 1 cup of mayo. I used miracle whip this time
1 heaping tablespoon of brown sugar
1/8 cup vinegar
you can also add a squirt of dijon mustard for a bit of a giddy-up

Mix all that in a small bowl, then pour over your broccoli and cabbage mix and give it a good toss. Easy, right?
That cabbage was grown in ontario dirt and survived the winter just like the rest of us. The broccoli was grown in a hot house. Still in ontario though. The raisins were grown in quebec of all places, but at least they were canadian. They were dried in ontario. None of the sauce was local, but I am learning to make my own vinegar, and I bet you could try using maple syrup or honey as a sweetener. None of the ingredients were particularly expensive, yet I've got a GIANT bowl of slaw in the fridge that will last us all week or more. I'm an easy girl to please.

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