Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Square Dancing!

Through a combined effort of bribery, cajoling, teasing, begging and asking, myself and the other guider I run the pathfinder unit with have convinced 7 of out 8 12-14 yr old girls to give square dancing a try. Tonight, we'll be carpooling the kids up to the Rosemont square dance and fiddle club's monthly get together to learn how to square dance. And hey, we'll be learning too! It's gonna be a grand old time, with local live music, snacks and dollar-a-drinks. No alcohol. We were invited to bring a local scout group along as dance partners, but our girls decided that they'd be embarrassed enough dancing with each other or people their grandparent's age, never mind adding boys their own age to the mix! I have a feeling that at least some of the kids are going to find they love it.

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