Friday, April 15, 2011

Sick and Seeds

Sick as a dog today, I seem to have picked up the bug my boyfriend's got. Taking the day off school and just taking care of myself... and my farm dream. Nobody said you can't read seed catalogues from your sick bed. For those of you who have never met, I would like to introduce you to Seed Savers Exchange. Did you know that almost all of the food in the grocery store is sterile? I don't mean clean, don't get me wrong, some of it is filthy, but almost all of the produce is incapable of reproducing. You can still plant your potato eyes, but that's about it. Seed Savers is a source of real, heritage seeds, that people have been growing the good old fashioned way for generations. If you're interested in growing your food, then saving the seeds from your own produce to grow again next year, I suggest you check it out.
Take that, Monsanto. I wanna eat real food.

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