Thursday, June 16, 2011

New (to me) Re-enactment Clothes

Sometimes, good things do come out of disorganization! The friend whom I borrow my re-enactment clothing from could not find the skirt and shirt that I usually borrow for these events, so we started going through the extras bucket and put together a whole new outfit that I'm very excited to get to wear. The best part is, nobody else likes the skirt or shirt, so all I have to do is make myself a vest and I've got a whole re-enactment outfit that can actually be mine (and not just borrowed). I had planned to make a dress for myself this winter, but you know what I say about the best laid plans. Maybe this summer I'll finally get one made.
This weekend, we will be going to Port Dover, and it's one of the events when our unit (Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada) becomes the IMUConnecticut. Our soldiers dress in grey American uniforms and play for the other team, as it were. Hey, we all have to take turns being "the other side" now and again or we'd be chasing shadows around the field. Life is not much different for us women though, we still dress and act the same.

Trivia question: in 1812, one would say "God save the____________" Post you're answer in the comments!

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