Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pictures I've Put Off

I've been encouraging Andrew to post some guest blog posts, because a lot of the projects going on around here aren't really mine to talk about, but I'd like them to be shared with you none the less. He's a little bashful though, but he's been sending me a few of his pics so here goes:

This is what happened when we bought my brother a knife sharpening kit for Christmas. Andrew tried to show him how to use it and suddenly all the knives in the household showed up on the counter and poor Andrew, not my brother, sat there for over an hour sharpening them all. He's good like that.

This is the man christmas tree. It's a sad little artificial tree that's lost it's base. We stood it up in the vice on the edge of his work bench. Andrew made a copper chain mail garland for it, and hung it about with washer, wrenches, screwdrivers and leather tools. There is a pair of safety glasses on the top as a star.

And this is the quiver that he made for my dad. The first picture is the cut out pieces lined up on his work bench, and the second is how it turned out after being dyed and laced up. I think he really liked it! And it looks really impressive.

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