Saturday, May 12, 2012

All Fired Up!

I went to the farmer's market today, and had such a lovely time!! It was so heartening that some of the people that I get my food from remembered me from last year. I'm making connections in this little ecosystem of mine. I had a long chat today with the folks over at plowshare farm, it turns out that with over 7 acres of market garden, they don't own a tractor. Nope. It's all horse power. Isn't that fantastic? They have two draft horses, one of whom is a Belgian and the other a Suffolk Punch. They grow over 62 varieties of plants, I betcha that's more than most grocery stores can boast!

It's really gotten me thinking about our garden and what I want to do with it this year, but mom still thinks we should wait at least another week to put anything in the ground. To that I say bah humbug. I saved some pumpkin seeds from last year, I think they might just go into the garden this afternoon, at least I'll feel like I'm getting something done! We've learned from last year, all viny plants are going in a separate garden!

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small farm girl said...

I couldn't imagine not having a tractor for our little garden,let alone 7 acres! Wow!!!!