Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Camp Wind-down

This weekend we had our year end camp with the pathfinders. It was a very very wet weekend, but we had a lot of fun anyways. Friday night it rained so hard (and I learned my jacket isn't waterproof any more) that I didn't even bring my clothes into the tent. I stripped under the vestibule and left my soggy clothes in a pile outside. Saturday had some sunny bits though, and we had no rain during our hike, only a little drizzle for archery and manhunt.
Having a wet weekend means a long unpacking process for the leaders though. I've got two tents I had to dry out on the line, and all my personal gear was sodden. Somehow I still think it's worth it. I must be crazy.
I'm already excited for next year! This year we decided that our unit is just too big to cook as one group most of the time, so at camp we split into two patrols. We only have one patrol box though, and it's basically just a big chest with a hinged lid that everything gets dumped into. I want something with a partition for utensils, possibly something on legs, where the front folds down into a cooking surface. Then there are shelves inside. Possibly something a bit like this:

Andrew and I are working on designs, and then in the fall when we start having our meetings again we'll likely do a weekend where we make two boxes, paint, paper the insides, and fill them here in my garage.

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