Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A different dog

When I first realized that we finally got the dog park built in town I couldn't wait to get my pooch out playing with the other dogs. Those first days in February though she was not quite so keen on my vision. My mom has seen some bad dog fights in her day I guess, and doesn't really understand the beasts all that well. Two dogs will snarl at one another and she'll call it a fight. Naw. They're just talking. Anyways, having a fearful "mummy" has made Taffy... well... fearful. And more so since I moved away a couple times. She would hide by my side, between my legs if I let her, with her tail tucked right under to her belly. She would snarl if anybody came to close, or try to jump up into my arms. I persevered. It was tough with her being so miserable and snarling at everybody around us... hard for me to make us some friends when she's growling and running from their dogs. But look at her today! This is my carefree little Taffy trotting across the lush fields with her tail held high.  Good girl!!
Tricky to see taff here, she's sniffing under the picnic table. Look how far from me she is!

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